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Cada pieza es única por su elaboración a mano y está marcada con código de autenticidad en su etiqueta.

Each product is unique because it is handmade and it is marked with an authenticity code on its label.

Vootik Ochel was founded in 2014 with the main goal of revaluing and bringing back to life Mexican artisans’ work.

In our search for rescuing, preserving and exposing artisans´ techniques, we experiment with natural materials and give them a modern twist. That´s where our name comes from, a tzotzil (native dialect) word which means our origins.

We create office and decorative accessories, wallets and notebooks that combine natural fibers, textiles, leather and woods.

Our products are 100% Mexican handmade with national materials. They are made in communities of Tabasco, Campeche, and Estado de Mexico, where artisans work at their little home workshops. This way we respect their lifestyle and reduce transportation costs and footprint. 

“Wood cloth” used in most of our products is a material developed by Vootik Ochel, named MaderaFLEX because of its flexibility given by the laser cuts on it. It is made of precomposed wood veneer, FSC sustainable woods certified.



Sebastián weaves jacinto fibers (aquatic lily) in Tabasco.

Lidia and her family weave palma jipi mats in Campeche, that will later be used as decorative pieces on our products.


Joaquín and his family are flawless working with leather and bringing their abilities to the usage of other materials such as our MaderaFLEX. In Estado de Mexico they are in charge of putting together all the pieces that make our final products.


Priscila Nava Motta and Juan José Márquez Turanzas are the designers and co-founders among Pilar Turanzas. The brand´s concept started in 2012 after the two designers social service in Tabasco, to be consolidated by 2014.